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The City of Baltimore has completed the data collection for the Forestry Division’s citywide street tree and park tree inventory. The data collection contract for this project was awarded to Davey Resource Group. The tree inventory includes trees and vacant planting sites under the jurisdiction and responsibility of the Forestry Division, specifically all street trees within the public city street right-of-way, and all trees within the maintained areas of City Parks under the Department of Recreation and Parks.

The tree inventory data collection spanned two years, during the leaf-on season. This data will reveal the total quantity, spatial distribution, and composition of tree characteristics and conditions. This will enable the Forestry Division to perform strategic planning and shift some reactive operations to more efficient proactive rotational operations. The data will also be used to plan future tree plantings.

To produce the tree inventory, each site’s geographic location needed to be recorded in a GIS database along with the species, tree size, condition, and other characteristics.  Data was collected for: 122,011 trees, 5,168 stumps, and 39,976 vacant sites where trees can be planted; 3,804 vacant tree pits that are not suitable to plant due to present size or location; and 21,697 sites where a pit could potentially be cut for tree planting.

This data is now available to the public via a web app that can be accessed via computer or mobile device by visiting the TreeBaltimore site at www.treebaltimore.org then clicking on “Maps” then “Web Map App”. Check it out here!


By Nathan Randolph, Street Tree Inventory GIS Specialist

August 2018