Baltimore Tree Maps

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TreeBaltimore is compiling an interactive map displaying trees with stories or personal significance. You can nominate your favorite by sending an e-mail with a photograph and story to The tree must be on public land.


Notable Trees in Baltimore City

This map shows the locations of trees that are large, historic, or otherwise notable.




2007 Tree Canopy Map

Tree canopy outlines are shown on a citywide map, and overlaid with neighborhood boundaries. PDF, size=24″x36″ (can be printed smaller).


2007 Tree Canopy Percent by Neighborhood

Neighborhoods are shaded by their percentage of tree canopy. PDF, size=11″x17″ (can be printed smaller).


2011 Priority Planting Map

Priority planting census block groups, based of numerous factors including public health and safety, environmental justice, water quality, air quality and noise pollution critical places and community presence. Tree planting efforts target high priority neighborhoods in order to optimize the benefits of trees based on these criteria. PDF, size=11″x17″ (can be printed smaller).