How to Plant a Tree

Before You Start
Pre-Planning Checklist

Get Approval

Get digging permission from your utility companies, which is required by law. Also, if you do not own the property you want to plant on, you must get permission from the land owner.

Gather Tools and Supplies

Haven’t quite filled your toolbox yet?
No problem. Check out these local tool rental options:

Here’s what you will need:

  • PrePlant-shovel
  • PrePlant-scissors
  • PrePlant-hoseandbucket
    Hose or Large Bucket
  • PrePlant-mulch
  • PrePlant-tapemeasure
    Tape Measure

  • PrePlant-pick
    Garden Pick
    (for digging in
    rocky soil)
  • PrePlant-gloves
    Garden Gloves
  • PrePlant-handcultivator
    Garden Hand
    Cultivator (mini hand rake)