Get a Street Tree

A street tree is a tree in the public right of way, such as the trees in the pits on the sidewalk. Street trees are a great way to spruce up the block. They provide shade in the summer and oxygen year-round. In some cases, they can even affect your utility bill, soaking up pollutants that would otherwise end up in local water supplies and increase treatment costs.

Ask TreeBaltimore to Plant a Street Tree

At your request, TreeBaltimore will deliver and plant a FREE street tree in front of, or along, the side of your house. Request a Street Tree »

Plant & Maintain Your Own Stree Tree

If there is an open pit available in front of, or along, the side of your house and you prefer to plant and maintain the street tree yourself, please contact us ( to have a street tree delivered.

Spruce up the Block: organize a neighborhood-wide street tree planting

If you are interested in doing something on a wider scale with street trees, we can help! Just tell us a little about your neighborhood by downloading and filling out the pit inventory form. When it is completed, send it to TreeBaltimore. Once we learn a little about the area (pit sizes, number of stumps or dead trees in pits, number of empty pits, space for pits, other reasons for us to say “pits”) we can make a plan to plant trees throughout the neighborhood. Download Form »

register_tree_iconAfter the planting is completed, you can help us by registering the tree that was planted. If you conducted a neighborhood-wide street tree planting, please fill out the new tree plantings data collection form to help us track new tree locations.