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Hello out there! You’ve probably ended up here because you’re curious about our upcoming event at Baltimore City’s Fruit Tree Partnership. We’ve scheduled for you a broad array of workshop topics related to native fruit trees as well as more popular cultivated varieties of Apple and Pear trees. And keeping with an urban context, we will have a workshop on the benefits of edible rain gardening in small backyard spaces. This April 16th Fruit Tree Fair at the beautiful Rawlings Conservatory in Druid Hill Park is going to have your head spinning with new ideas for vacant lots, community garden spaces, neighborhood medians, public parks, and school yards!

Want to get your head spinning right now? Well this Michael Phillips’ wheel house is fruit trees. I’ve seen him speak at the Planting the Future gathering with the United Plant Savers on Rosemary Gladstar’s Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary. And some Baltimore Orchard Project – Fruit and Nut Academy students took a road trip down to DC to see him speak at a Casey Trees event. He’s got some wonderful Holistic Orchard books out there. His style of fostering a wild looking appearance in the orchard suggests that we can learn about connections and associations of plant poly-cultures by observing wild nature. Then we can apply these principles while planting fruit tree guilds throughout our orchard.