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My name is Charlie.  I was born and raised in Baltimore.  Proud to call myself a “Baltimoron.”  Proud to be a Ravens fan.  Proud to call the Natty Boh man my City’s mascot.  Sadly, proud to be an O’s fan…

This City is my life.  I left for a few years to get a Forestry degree from West Virginia University, but came back right after graduation.  You see, while I love this City, my passion is the outdoors.  That is why, I have the perfect job.  I am the Operations Manager for TreeBaltimore.  I get to help bring the outdoors to Baltimore City, by planting trees and increasing the tree canopy.

TreeBaltimore, is a program designed to increase the tree canopy in Baltimore City.  But TreeBaltimore is so much more than that.  TreeBaltimore is about improving the air we breath, the water we drink, and more importantly the community in which we all live.

Every tree planting that I am a part of, I amazed of the number of volunteers that come out to plant, the community members that stick their head out to see how they can help, and most importantly the dedication of everyone involved.  People that know me like to joke by saying, “This is Charlie, he ‘is’ TreeBaltimore.”  But that’s not true, not even remotely.  TreeBaltimore isn’t a person, it’s a movement.  And it involves all of us.  Whether you are just reading this blog and getting informed/spreading the word, or you are out planting trees, or maybe you just removed some vines off an old tree in your backyard.  We are all helping forward the mission of TreeBaltimore.  We are all helping beautify, educate, green, and thus, improving this city that we love.

Most people see trees everyday and think nothing of it.  They don’t think about the numerous benefits, nor the time, effort and energy that went in to that beautiful tree.  The planning, the planting, the dedication and maintenance that growing each tree takes.  It is our job as part of TreeBaltimore to let people know of what WE did to get that tree to where it is.  It is our job to green this City and share the plethora of benefits these living, breathing monuments give us with the City in which we live.

We are, TreeBaltimore.