We’ll be signing City residents up for City Contract Street Trees from 12noon to 7pm at Vegan Soulfest <http://www.vegansoulfest.com>. The Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks’ Urban Forestry Division administers a Street Tree Planting Contract for planting large shade trees along the City Right-of-way sidewalks and streets. The tree is planted and maintained for two years by the City contractor. All you have to do is state your address, gain approval from the home owner or neighbors depending on the location, and sign a tree care agreement. If you think you may have an empty space in front of your house, or see an opportunity for a larger scale street tree planting, come speak with us at our tent and table to learn about the process.


At 3 O’clock we will go on a walk exploring Clifton Park’s trees. Keeping in theme with Vegan Soulfest, participants will learn how ancient cultures produced food, fiber, and medicine from native trees.


We will also be registering folks for our upcoming TreeKeepers workshop series which will be located at C. C. Jackson Recreation Center in Park Heights. Dates listed below:

September 19 TK: 101 Trees and Baltimore Wednesday evening 6-8:30PM

September 26 TK: 102 The Science of Trees Wednesday evening 6-8:30PM

September 29 TK: 201 Advanced Tree Planting for Leadership Certification Saturday morning 9am-12noon