The Baltimore Orchard Project (BOP) is hosting the 3rd Annual Mulberry Madness Festival in Baltimore during the month of June 2017. We are hosting mulberry harvests around the city to promote the goodness of mulberries, and the awareness of something even more important: the need to re-imagine a 21st century food system that must gear up to feed nine billion people world-wide.

Though mulberries are small, they have tremendous health benefits. They are a great source of antioxidants, provide immune system support, promote healthy blood sugar levels and are a good source of protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, fiber, and iron.

And amazingly, they can be found free for the picking throughout our city.

Mulberry Madness is designed to:

  • help Baltimoreans enjoy all the delicate fruits that are ripening around us (with too many falling to waste on our sidewalks and lawns!)
  • expand the choices that make up our dietary palette
  • enable our ability to eat more locally
  • reduce food waste
  • help us imagine a renewed food system that is good for people, planet and prosperity

Mulberry Madness 5Events

Mulberry Madness Scout About
BOP is going to be in Carroll Park, Wyman Park, and Druid Hill Park on June 1st from 5:30 until 7. We’ll be planning the rest of our harvest events based on the information we gather during while scouting. Come on out to be the first one to know about our upcoming Mulberry harvests!

Mulberry Harvests
Help the BOP team harvest mulberries! Check out our MeetUp page for more information on our June Mulberry Madness events.

We are looking for volunteers to become Harvest Captains! You can sign up using this google form to sign up. A harvest captain is someone that volunteers to be a point person for BOP. We’ll reach out to you when we’re scheduling a harvest to ask that you spread the word to your network. No experience with fruit trees or harvesting required!

We are also encouraging Baltimoreans to find mulberry trees in their neighborhoods, harvest the berries and enjoy their unique flavor. Tweet about the mulberries you find, harvest, prepare and eat at #mulberrymadness

Farmers Markets
This year, BOP will be at the Pigtown Farmers Market (6/22) and the Waverly Farmers Market (6/24). Keep an eye out for information about Mulberry specials created by other vendors!

More information about restaurant events, harvests, and workshops is coming soon!


The Baltimore Orchard Project is looking for Baltimore City residents to sign up to be Harvest Captains! A Harvest Captain is someone with a large network, willing to spread the word about harvest events in their neighborhood. Often times, the date of a harvest isn’t determined until the last minute and it’s your job, as a Harvest Captain, to help us let people know. We welcome people with any experience level, you don’t have to know how to harvest fruit to help us spread the word! To join Click Register and stay tuned for Mulberry Madness events all month. Click Register Now! below to sign up to be a Harvest Captain.