If you don’t think spending the day in a cemetery is fun you are dead wrong!  Help us pull some English Ivy and clean up the area.  This isn’t a dead end job, for sure.  Sign up now, or there will be more bad jokes! 


Jonah House/St. Peter’s Cemetery

Invasive Species Removal

1301 Moreland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21216

Saturday, June 3, 2017 (Rain Date June 17) 9:30 am – 12 noon


Jonah House is a small religious-based community committed to making nonviolence a way of life. The community lives in the 22-acre St. Peter’s cemetery and cares for the grounds. Their flower/vegetable garden was Baywise Certified in 2015.


St. Peter’s Cemetery is an Irish Catholic Cemetery from the mid-1800’s. One-third of the cemetery is overgrown with English Ivy and other invasive species. Master Gardners (MGs), working with Jonah House volunteers and the Weed Warriors, will work to remove the invasive species.