This year’s family friendly atmosphere features a kid’s nature play space as the center piece, while local emcee Alanah Nichole elevates the energy with various artists of all ages performing spoken word poetry and live music. This will be an ongoing feature of the program as guests will have a chance to peruse the vendor tents to learn about honey bees and native pollinators, native plants for the orchard, various environmental and community non-profit groups, and of course food and drink options.
TreeBaltimore conducts a dozen or so tree giveaway events each spring and fall, and one of the most popular requests over the years has been: “Do you have any fruiting trees?” That’s why our planting partners <Parks and People Foundation and Civic Works’ Baltimore Orchard Project> decided in 2015 to come together and offer a tree giveaway event devoted entirely to native and urban hardy trees that produce edible fruits. This year’s giveaway will offer Figs, Paw Paws, and Serviceberry laevis. Over 250 trees are typically given out to Baltimore city residents. One of our goals while conducting any tree giveaway is to expand Baltimore’s tree canopy, by encouraging that the free tree be planted on private lands such as a homeowner’s front or back yard. The umbrella tree canopy mission is already working with many groups to plant out the public and community spaces. While a considerable amount of land in Baltimore city is privately owned, the tree giveaway invites private land owners to contribute to this goal by planting and growing their tree canopy. The tree giveaway is an important tool in raising a greater awareness of Baltimore’s urban tree canopy (UTC) goal of 40% land coverage. We talk about Baltimore’s precious 28% canopy coverage with much pride, reciting the famous words of Dr Suess’ character the Lorax, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”