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  • TreeBaltimore Update

    August 8th, 2018
      News, Photos

    Staff from TreeBaltimore planting partners Blue Water Baltimore and Midtown Baltimore pose with the Little Miss Figgy plants, the most popular Fruit Tree Fair giveaway tree of 2018 General Updates TreeBaltimore is excited to announce the Summer Gathering later this month on the evening of August 28th and our next...   Read More

  • Weed Warriors to Receive Reinforcements

      News, Photos

    Have you ever explored a forest in Baltimore City? The Department of Recreation and Parks oversees some of the most spectacular natural areas in the region, and we’re working hard to keep them healthy, safe, and accessible for visitors like you. We, in the Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) Unit, actively...   Read More

  • Camp Small Update

      News, Photos

    For over 70 years Camp Small has been the City’s collection facility for removed and downed street trees and park trees. Camp Small’s urban wood utilization initiative began in 2016 after receiving an Innovation fund of $98,000 from the City’s Bureau of Budget and Management Resource. The program took off...   Read More

  • Baltimore City’s Street Tree Data at Your Fingertips


    The City of Baltimore has completed the data collection for the Forestry Division’s citywide street tree and park tree inventory. The data collection contract for this project was awarded to Davey Resource Group. The tree inventory includes trees and vacant planting sites under the jurisdiction and responsibility of the Forestry...   Read More

  • Baltimore City’s Proactive Pruning Program


    The first thing people always ask: what is proactive pruning? It may seem like it's a simple thing to explain, but surprisingly it can be a very complicated concept. Baltimore City’s Forestry Division currently bases their tree maintenance work on citizen complaints through the 311 system, which makes the current...   Read More

  • From the Other Side of the Forestry Office…


    The care and maintenance of City trees is a core function of the Forestry Division. Over the past year, the Forestry Division received 5234 requests for tree inspections, plus an additional 4442 urgent calls for problems like broken or fallen branches. But who inspects the trees? Who dispatches the crews?...   Read More

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