Trees Live to Tell Their Story

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Woah what happened here? Looks like a tree had been growing here for a hundred years or so and then crashed down across Jones Falls Trail. The fresh chainsaw cuts suggest that it has fallen recently, yet this tree has been dead for a long time. It must’ve been injured or diseased when the heart… Read more »

Tree of the Season: Pawpaw

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With so many native trees in bloom this spring, from dogwoods, to serviceberries, to wild black cherries and plums, it’s hard to pick just one as the tree to watch for this season. So instead I am going to highlight a less showy and often unnoticed flowering tree: The Pawpaw, Asimina triloba. Pawpaws are famous… Read more »

Fruit Tree Mania!

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Hello out there! You’ve probably ended up here because you’re curious about our upcoming event at Baltimore City’s Fruit Tree Partnership. We’ve scheduled for you a broad array of workshop topics related to native fruit trees as well as more popular cultivated varieties of Apple and Pear trees. And keeping with an urban context, we will have a workshop… Read more »

For Trees Lovers with a Sweet Tooth…

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Late February and early March are  maple sugar season! And you can experience first hand how maple sugar and syrup is made at local parks and nature centers in the Baltimore area. Also, did you know: Maple sugar and syrup comes from a sugary sap produced by trees as an evolutionary biological function… Read more »