Meet Our Staff


Erik Dihle is Baltimore’s City Arborist and Chief of Urban Forestry.  After a long federal career with the Departments of Agriculture and Army, he’s taking on the challenge of increasing Baltimore’s tree canopy, “by whatever means necessary!”  He is heartened by city residents’ and business leaders’ passion not only for planting more trees, but for giving the best care possible to our senior citizens (Senior citizen trees, that is).  Erik grew up on the west coast, and predicts we’ll be planting California palms if our warming trend continues!


Charles Murphy is the head of operations at TreeBaltimore and has worked with the program since it became operational in 2009. Baltimore bred, West Virginia grad. Forestry degree + city boy = urban forestry! His life passion is showing city residents they don’t need to leave the beltway to find a living, breathing, green oasis. He loves, and lives, the mantra of ‘one tree at a time.’ Charlie and his pup Ashby spend most of their time backpacking the mountains, exploring local parks, or planning the next big trek in some far-off, distant land. They both dream of a ‘Bring Your Dog to the Yard Day,’ Go O’s!


Ted Martello oversees the nursery at TreeBaltimore and helps coordinate community tree planting and tree care events throughout the city. After completing a forestry and recreation degree at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 2007, Ted gained valuable experience working with the United States Forest Service and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. The trail name “T-Mello” came about while thru-hiking the entire Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia in 2011. He’s proud to be back in his hometown working to expand the tree canopy with TreeBaltimore.




Desiree Shelley is an Environmental Conservation Analyst for the Forestry Division. She assists with TreeBaltimore education initiatives as well as invasive vegetation management projects including the Baltimore Weed Warriors Program. As a native to Baltimore, Desiree enjoys having the opportunity to improve the environment of her hometown by engaging communities about the importance of trees and urban ecology. Desiree graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Technology with a concentration in Natural Resources Management and a citation in Spanish Language and Literature. She has spent the last 7 years providing Baltimore City youth, teachers and families with meaningful outdoor experiences and working to restore Baltimore’s urban ecosystem.  In her free time, Desiree likes to employ her creative side through dance, crafts and fine arts. She also enjoys hiking, camping, swimming and canoeing / kayaking with her family and friends. She aspires to visit at least 30 national parks in her lifetime.


Nathan Randolph is the Street Tree Inventory GIS Specialist for the city of Baltimore. He plays a key role in implementing and managing the first full street tree inventory for the city. He comes to Baltimore from Northeast Ohio with over 10 years of experience in GIS and Forestry. He holds a degree in Conservation from Kent State University, and a graduate certificate in GIS from the University of Denver. In his free time Nathan enjoys hiking, biking, and kayaking the many parks in the area.